Jonathan Tsikniadopoulos

Web developer & project manager

Back in 2006, I spent my evenings creating custom MySpace layouts and learning the ins and outs of HTML and CSS. Fast forward to today, where I've had the privilege of building software for a start-up, a large enterprise company, and everything in between.

These days, I lead a team of developers and build software solutions for our e-commerce clients at Qode Space.

When I'm not in front of my computer, I enjoy long walks with my dog and girlfriend, going to soccer games, and playing video games.


a homepage screenshot of

A complete redesign for ecommerce agency Qode Space. Built on Shopify's platform.

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a homepage screenshot of

Portfolio Site

This very site you're on! Made with Next.js for image optimizations and other performance benefits, and Tailwind CSS for styling. Deployed using Vercel CLI.

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a homepage screenshot of the twitter clone web app

Twitter Clone

A web app with NextAuth authentication, where a user can post new Tweets or comment on existing ones. Sanity is used in the back-end to fetch Tweets and also link Tweets to their comments.

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Lead developer

Deliver high-quality production code for e-commerce brands in the apparel, beauty, and hotel industries. Provide leadership within the engineering department through mentorship and knowledge shares. Lead site redesign and migration projects onto the Shopify platform.

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Qode Space

Jul 2020 - Present

Project Manager

Lead a team of developers in delivering new features and functional software for e-commerce brands. Lead daily standups, weekly sprint planning and post-project retrospectives.

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Nov 2011 - Jul 2020