Jon Tsikniadopoulos

Based in Los Angeles

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Lead Developer - Qode Space

2020 - Present

Technical Project Manager - Nogin

2018 - 2020

Project Manager - Branded Online

2011 - 2018


Hello there! My name is Jon. As an experienced developer, I bring a passion for creativity, problem-solving and a strategic mindset to every project I work on. With a background in computer science and over a decade of project management experience, I have honed my skills in conceptualizing and executing visually compelling ideas. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with talented teams and clients across various industries, ranging from fashion to beauty and entertainment.

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  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Next.js
  • Vue
  • Tailwind CSS
  • TypeScript
  • Shopify Plus
  • Liquid
  • Hydrogen / headless
  • Framer
  • Webflow

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